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The City of El Centro passes a resolution objecting to LAFCO’s continued expansion application from PMHD

El Centro, Ca. — November 16, 2023 — The City of El Centro passed a resolution objecting to the Imperial County Local Agency Formation (IVLAFCO) Commission’s continuation of an expansion application by the Pioneers Memorial Hospital District (PMHD) during a special meeting Wednesday evening.

AB 918 became law on October 8, 2023, and began the ultimate goal of forming a countywide healthcare district named Imperial Valley Healthcare District by combining the Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District and PMHD.

“It’s time to focus our attention on this new healthcare district created by AB 918 to benefit our community,” said City of El Centro Mayor Martha Cardenas-Singh. “We have a new healthcare district in the formation process, and focusing on the process is for the best benefit of our community.

IVLAFCO is proceeding with a CEQA hearing and consideration of the various steps in the annexation process of PMHD’s expansion application which has been continued to their March meeting.

“By considering the expansion application by PMHD, LAFCO is giving the false appearance that PMHD’s expansion is still an option under their jurisdiction,” said El Centro Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees President Tomas Oliva. “AB 918 is law, and it’s time to pool our resources together to ensure this new healthcare district serves the best interest of our community.”

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