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Self-Inspection Program

The El Centro Fire Department is committed to the continued fire and life safety of your business.  In order to ensure a fire safe environment in your workplace we are enlisting you to participate in our annual Self-Inspection Program.  This program targets businesses that are statistically at a lower risk from fire.  After review it has been determined that your business qualifies to participate in this program.By participating in this program it allows our department to ensure your compliance with the fire code, but allows you to perform the required inspection at your convenience and has the added benefit of reducing disruptions and inspection costs for your business.Performing the Self-Inspection of your business is relatively easy.  Utilize the detailed instructions provided while you walk the premises of your business and record the responses.  The process should only take a few minutes and will help you better understand potential safety hazards.  The inspection is for your space only and doesn’t include any common area or space shared with other tenants or business owners unless you are the primary business owner.

Self Inspection Forms:

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