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El Centro City Council has adopted a restructuring ordinance to ensure the continued financial sustainability of El Centro Regional Medical Center

El Centro, CA November 16, 2022 – Last night, the El Centro City Council voted to reinforce the governance and financial sustainability of El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) by voting to resume its original role as the ECRMC Board of Trustees. During the past several years, ECRMC has experienced escalating challenges in its operation,” said Mayor Tomas Oliva. “As a municipal hospital, it is our obligation to the community and all ECRMC employees to lead through these challenges by making the necessary changes to make our hospital more efficient and sustainable. No hospital services will be interrupted by this change.”  

The City emphasizes that this governance change is not intended to affect the medical or other staff of the Hospital who remain vital to its operations; instead, with their support, it is intended to ensure the hospital remains open and operational for them and for the community.The dedicated care provided to the community by the doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and support staff at the Hospital will continue and is appreciated.  All labor MOUs and other current contracts remain in place.  The Board of Trustees and City Council thank all ECRMC staff for their continuing support and welcome their input as this transition proceeds. 

This sustainable plan will enable the hospital to enter into a more secure financial position going forward. The Board of Trustees and the City will continue to work with the UC San Diego (UCSD) Health Care Network to enhance the care that Imperial Valley residents and their families have grown accustomed to receiving. The Board of Trustees and the City Council are committed to transparency and communication with staff and the community as this plan proceeds.

The change in governance immediately replaced the public trustees with the City Council and retains representation by medical staff as well as UCSD. This action was prompted by third-party, objective confirmation of financial challenges resulting from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, including declining revenues. After a series of meetings with consultants hired by the majority bondholder Preston Hollow Community Capital, who continues to cooperate with the multiple stakeholders involved in this complex municipal hospital enterprise. All parties share the goal of ensuring the continuity of high-quality healthcare services to the community and the support of the ECRMC staff. 

The City Council thanks the public trustees for their dedicated years of service to ECRMC and to the community.

Point of Contact:
Cedric Ceseña
Interim City Manager
(760) 337-4540

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