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Councilmember Edgard Garcia appointed to the Public Safety Committee with Cal Cities

El Centro, Ca. — January 8, 2023 — Councilmember Edgard Garcia was recently appointed to a second
League of California Cities committee, the Public Safety Committee, by the Imperial County Division

“My father was a Police Officer for 30 years, so public safety is always a priority for me,” said City of El
Centro Councilmember Edgard Garcia. “Public safety has always been a part of my life, so I’m very proud to be tasked with working with other committee members in ensuring our law enforcement has the resources to protect our communities while supporting their safety.”

According to the Cal Cities website, the Public Safety Committee reviews law enforcement, fire, and life safety policies, including emergency communications, and emergency services, including ambulance and disaster preparedness.

This is Garcia’s second committee with Cal Cities. He was previously appointed to the Finance committee in November 2023. “His experience as a family member of a Police Officer makes him a great appointee to this committee,” said City of El Centro Mayor Sylvia Marroquin. “He understands the concerns of both law enforcement families and the community, so he has a balanced knowledge that he can use to ensure our state’s policies take both into consideration.”

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