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Friends of El Centro Community Services Foundation

Board of Directors

Victor Zazueta
Sean Arviso
Peter Guitierrez
Alec Hendry

Accepting Applications for Board of Directors

The purpose of the Friends of El Centro Community Services Foundation is to promote and assist the City of El Centro with community service projects and programs. The Foundation’s focus is on the El Centro Public Library, and parks and recreation facilities and programs for the benefit of the residents of the City of El Centro. The Foundation convenes at 12:00 pm on the first Monday of every month.

The Friends of El Centro Community Services Foundation Board is comprised of three or five Directors who serve two (2) year terms. The current Board structure is that of five (5) Directors comprised of a current El Centro City Council member, two members of the Library and Community Services Commission, and two (2) appointed residents of El Centro. This application is for any civic-minded community member who wishes to apply for appointment by either the Mayor or the Foundation Board.

Meeting Agendas

March 4, 2019April 1, 2019May 6, 2019June 5, 2019July 1, 2019
September 16, 2019October 14, 2019November 4, 2019December 10, 2019December 18, 2019
January 6, 2020February 3, 2020March 2, 2020May 4, 2020June 1, 2020
July 6, 2020August 3, 2020September 14, 2020October 5, 2020November 2, 2020
December 7, 2020January 4, 2021February 1, 2021March 1, 2021

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