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Zip Books

Our current Zip Book Program has been put on temporary hold….

We’ll let you know when we’re back up and able to receive new requests. Thanks for your patience!

What is eligible for a Zip Book request?

Print, Large-Print, Audiobooks, and Foreign Language Books not owned by the Library.

Regular and Large-Print books that cost no more than $50 (pre-tax).

Audiobooks and Foreign Language books that cost no more than $75 (pre-tax).

All Zip Book items are ordered exclusively from

Zip Book orders are shipped directly to your home from

All Zip Book items are cataloged and added to the Library’s collection.

How Long Can I Keep a Zip Book?

All Zip Book items should be returned to the Library with in 2 months of receiving the item.

Patrons with library cards in good standing may request up to 3 Zip Books Items at a time.

Zip Book items need to be returned before requesting another title.

Please return a completed survey with the Zip Book item.

The survey provides the required grant feedback and identifies it as a Zip Book item.

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