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Statistics & Crime Mapping

Crime Mapping

CrimeReports helps the police department promote two-way dialouge within our community by proactively sharing local crime information and providing the public with an overview of our agency’s operations. CrimeReports allows the police department to automatically publish information on crimes occurring in our community to an on-line, interactive map. We are hopeful this will create trasparent and timely communication with our citizens.

Keeping the community informed and engaged

An interactive map allows citizens to easily understand where recent crimes have occured and how crime reports are trending. Citizens can sign up to receive local agency alerts, as well as customized daily, weekly, or monthly updates on a variety of crime types.

Increase information sharing with anonymous tipping

Citizens can send tips related to crimes already listed on the map to aid investigations, as well as for non-reported crimes. And while tips are annonymous and encrypted, agencies can communicate with the tipster through e-mmail to gain further information.

Camera Registration

Help us solve crimes. Willing citizens and businesses may register the location of fixed personal and commerical video cameras. This will alow officers to quickly contact the person/business when there is a crime to aid in emergency responce and investigations.

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