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Building and Zoning Codes

California Building Code (2022)

The City of El Centro has adopted the 2022 California Building Code (Title 24). It may viewed through the California Building Standards Commission Website.

California Building Standards Commission – California Building Code (Title 24)

California Building Code Local Amendments

Amendments to the California Building Code are found in Chapter 7 “Buildings and Building Regulations” and Chapter 10 “Fire Prevention Code” of the Municipal Code.

Chapter 7 “Buildings and Building Regulations”

Chapter 10 “Fire Prevention Code”

Zoning Ordinance

The City of Centro Zoning Ordinance may be found in Chapter 29 “Zoning” of the Municipal Code. The Zoning Ordinance establishes zoning designations, use regulations by zone, development standards, and procedures for reviewing and processing application for land use development.

For the City of El Centro Zoning Map please visit the Maps section of the Community Development Department Webpage linked here.

Chapter 29 “Zoning”

Sign Ordinance

The City of El Centro Sign Ordinance establishes regulations and procedures addressing signs and is found in Chapter 22.1 of the Municipal Code.

Chapter 22.1 “Signs”

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