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Amended Fireworks Ordinance

On June 7, 2022, the El Centro City Council unanimously approved amending Chapter 10, Article V of the El Centro Municipal Code entitled “Fireworks.” The new City ordinance can be viewed here

Effective immediately, the revised City ordinance will be enforced to deter and prevent the use of any illegal and dangerous fireworks within city limits. In addition, the El Centro Fire and Police Departments will deploy additional personnel during the Fourth of July holiday to help educate and enforce the new ordinance.

All property owners should familiarize themselves with the revised ordinance. The revised ordinance makes the property owner(s) responsible for any illegal use of fireworks on or adjacent to their property. There are civil and criminal penalties that may be imposed if cited by Fire or Police personnel.

Many of these illegal fireworks are extremely dangerous and often unstable, causing imminent danger to anyone within close proximity to dangerous fireworks, which are classified as explosives. If you become aware of any illegal fireworks, do not touch them and immediately call the Fire Department for immediate disposal.

The Fire and Police Departments remind all residents to only purchase and enjoy Safe and Sane fireworks during this Fourth of July holiday celebration. Only purchase Safe and Sane fireworks at approved vendors within city limits to ensure you buy-approved fireworks for use in the City.

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